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As an employer in California, your company is required to hold workers’ compensation insurance. In the event that you are injured while working, this insurance steps in to compensate you as you heal. Alternatively, if the injury is serious enough that you are unable to continue working in your current industry, workers’ compensation can help you transition to a new field.

Our San Jose’s workers’ comp lawyers make sure you have a thorough understanding of your rights and options if you are injured on the job. Ask the Law Offices of Noel Hibbard to guide you through the workers’ comp pplication process or the appeals process.

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A work related injury can be devastating to both you and your family. They depend on you to financially support the home, and when you can’t work, you face more than just financial stress. For this reason, we have made it our mission to reach out to injured workers, to make sure you know your options.

As an injured employee, you and your family are entitled to several benefits:

Financial compensation for health care costs, including travel.
Job retraining if your injury prevents you from continuing in your current position.
Disability benefits, either temporary or long term.
If applicable,death benefits for the surviving family members.

Your Employer is Not Allowed to Retaliate Against You

Filing for workers’ compensation is your legal right. If your employer threatens you or gives you any negative pressure, you can seek legal action.Should you find yourself facing backlash at work because you were injured, our San Jose workers’ compensation attorneys can advise you as to your options.

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