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Knee and ankle injuries can be particularly debilitating.

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Common industries that suffer from knee and ankle injuries include:

Grocery cashiers
Nurses & health care workers
Professional athletes

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You don’t want to fight with your employer or your employer’s insurance company. We put our extensive experience to work for you. Our firm is comprised of attorneys from all over the world, with a variety of backgrounds. With such a diverse team, we find it is easy for our clients to find an attorney with whom they can connect.

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Furthermore, we provide an environment of open communication and comfortable trust. As a result of your injury, you are likely facing serious medical costs, loss of wages, and emotional stress. At the Law Offices of Andrew
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We Help You Find a Way Forward

Knee and ankle injuries are more commonly cumulative injuries. This means that you have spent hours on your feet, or lifting heavy items, and the job has taken its toll on your body. Sometimes, these types of
work injuries mean that you cannot return to your previous job. Workers’ compensation benefits can cover job retraining demands, giving you the opportunity for a secure future.

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