San Jose Electronics Assembly Injuries

Experienced Workers’ Comp Attorneys Representing Your Rights

Most commonly, electronics assembly workers suffer from injuries that have built up over time. Constant repetitive motions wear on the body. Long hours of sedentary computer use lead to back injuries and neck pain. Ask our San Jose workers’ comp lawyers to review your claim.

Workers’ compensation benefits can provide financial assistance for:

Current and recent health care treatment.
Future therapy and medical care costs, if necessary.
Time lost from work due to inability to perform job functions.
Travel cost for medical care.
Disability benefits.

We have represented many clients from the electronics assembly industry.
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Are My Injuries Covered?

If your injury occurred as a result of your job, then you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, due to the nature of common electronics industry injuries, it can be difficult for you to prove causation on your own. For this reason, we recommend you counsel with our knowledgeable team for a solid case.

With more than 25 years of combined experience, you can rest assured knowing that our team has the skills necessary to build you a strong claim. We make sure you file within the required time constraints and guide you through making a formidable claim.

Skilled Appeals Representative for Denied Claims

Your employer’s insurer may deny your initial claim, especially if you are processing the paperwork on your own. If your claim is denied, we are also adept at the appeals process. We counsel you through every step of the workers’ compensation application process.

Having our team on your side can alleviate the stress you feel, letting you focus instead on healing from your injuries.

Contact us today to begin the process of filing your claim. Our San Jose workers’ comp lawyers can help you!