Injured Construction Workers in San Jose

Aggressive Action With our Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Due to heavy machinery and the rigorous demands of the industry, construction
workers have some of the most dangerous jobs. We regularly represent those
who have suffered work-related industries. We prioritize your recovery
and work diligently to make sure the stresses of filing your
workers’ comp claim do not add to your troubles.

With more than 14 years of combined experience, you can trust our San Jose
workers’ comp lawyers to skillfully handle your claim.

Contact us today to ask for help regarding your construction injury.

Helping You Understand Liability Law

Common construction injuries involve heavy machinery, weak buildings, electrocution,
falling objects, and many more on-the-job hazards. We also represent clients
suffering from the emotional and mental tolls of these stress-filled environments.

As we proceed with your construction injury claim, we operate as honest and straightforward guides, helping you to understand your rights and responsibilities:

First, we make sure you sought appropriate medical attention for your injury. We help document the treatment you received for your file.
A formal claim must be submitted to your employer once you have received medical attention. We show you how to complete this step appropriately and help you recall all relevant details.
If your claim is denied, we fight aggressively on your behalf, so you can focus on healing from your work injuries We negotiate with both your employer and your insurer.

Experienced & Professional Legal Counsel for Your Claim

Navigating workers’ compensation law can be overwhelming. Being unable
to work further complicates matters, making it impossible for many individuals
to complete the claim process alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to.
Ask our San Jose injury lawyer to carry your burden.

We offer free consultations for our construction injury claims. Call our San Jose workers’ comp attorney at 408.294.9100 now.