Help for Agricultural Injuries in San Jose

Workers’ Comp Lawyers Seeking Physical & Financial Recovery For
Our Clients

For a physical industry like farming, an injury can be devastating. Whether
you have been injured as the result of an accident, or you face an injury
that has developed over time, you have options for workers’ compensation.
Workers’ compensation is intended to help you cover the medical care expenses and the financial
loss you face while recovering from an injury.

As your advocates, our San Jose workers’ compensation attorneys at
the Noel Hibbard and Associates work diligently to protect you and your
family so you can focus on healing. If your
injury is connected to your job, we can help you file your claim.

Request a free consultation today for your agricultural injury by calling
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The Voice for Injured Farmers

We are San Jose’s leading advocate for those injured at work. The farming industry, in particular, is one of our nation’s most dangerous industries. Accidents happen frequently, and the taxing physical labor takes its toll on your body.

Common injuries we have represented for the agricultural industry include:

Tractor overturns.
Falls from high places, such as trees, roofs, and barn lofts.
Chemical exposure (pesticides).
Joint and back injuries from the active lifestyle required by this industry.

Fighting for the Rights of the Injured

We press back against some of the most common injustices within the workers’compensation system to get you the financial peace you deserve. As our client, you become part of our family. Our staff invests time and effort into getting to truly know you and your needs so that we can best serve you as we work through your claim.

We are proud to have a staff that speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, and Vietnameses.
We understand you; we are here to represent you. We are here to fight for you.

You have a right to be heard; let us be your voice. Contact us today to file your claim for your agricultural injury with our San Jose workers’ compensation lawyers.