Serious and Willful Misconduct in the Workplace

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Generally, workplace accidents are unforeseen accidents and not necessarily the fault of anyone in particular, but other times, employers knowingly endanger their employees by failing to adhere to OSHA standards. If you believe your work injury was caused as a direct result of your employer’s failure to follow safety standards set in place by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration, our Hibbard Law Firm and Associates lawyers are ready to hear your case.

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Understanding Serious and Willful Misconduct

Legally, willful misconduct is different from gross negligence. Gross negligence is the complete disregard for harmful consequences. Will misconduct is an act continued or committed despite the knowledge that this act or failure to act will cause harm, result in death, property damage or pollution.

If you were injured, diagnosed with a deadly disease, or if your family member was killed due to willful misconduct by your employer, you should speak with a skilled Hibbard Law Firm and Associates workers’ compensation attorney regarding your case. Cases
of willful misconduct are eligible to increase their benefits received by up to 50 percent. Proving you were injured as a result of willful misconduct is difficult, by working closely with your attorney; you can design a successful case

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