Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits in Hibbard Law Firm and Associates

Lost a Loved One in a Work Accident? We Stand Up for You.

After losing a loved one to a work-related accident, the last thing you want to do is negotiate with insurance brokers. Let the Law Offices of Noel Hibbard do the work for you. Our team is comprised of a group of hardworking, diverse legal professionals dedicated solely to obtaining the maximum workers’ compensation benefit available to those injured on the job, and to the surviving family members of those who have died on the job.

If you relied on your spouse or parent to provide for you, you might be entitled to receive financial support. Our San Jose workers’ comp lawyers can guide you through the application process. Call the Law Offices of Noel Hibbard today at 408.294.9100.

Helping You Understand Your Options for Compensation

Through filing for workers’ compensation, we may be able to point you toward substantial financial assistance, known as death benefits. Spouses and children are often able to receive death benefits, which are workers’ compensation payments made to the family left behind.

To receive death benefits:

You must have been wholly or mostly financially reliant on the deceased.
You must file a claim within a certain amount of time.

Duration of the payments depends on each family situation. A minor child may no longer receive the payments after he or she turns 18. A disabled spouse may be able to receive payments through to his or her end of life.

We Work Exclusively With Workers’ Compensation Claims

Our firm solely focuses on workers’ compensation claims. We devote our energies to ensuring that those injured on the job, and the surviving family members of those who have died on the job, receive the compensation they deserve. We do everything we can to maximize your workers’ compensation benefits.

Every circumstance is unique and tragic. Let our compassionate and experienced legal team help ease the burden from your shoulders.