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Personal injury claims can be filed when you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Our team moves quickly to document your injury, gather your testimony and any relevant witness statements, and seek compensation for your injuries. Contact the Law Offices of Noel Hibbard as soon as you have received medical treatment for your injuries.
Free consultations are available with our San Jose personal injury lawyers.

Personal injury claims we represent include,
but are not limited to:

Car and automobile accidents
Truck accidents
Product liability claims
Wrongful death
Prescription drug problems
Motorcycle accidents
Slip and fall accidents
Medical malpractice claims
Construction site accidents
Nursing home abuse

Car and automobile accidents:

Truck accidents:

In large truck accident cases, negligence often occurs in the maneuvering
of the vehicle. However, factors such as alertness of the driver, weather
conditions, and cargo loading can all contribute to the cause of a crash.
The two most common types of trucking accidents and their causes include
the following:


When a large truck jack-knifes, its brakes have locked up
and the trailer keeps moving forward due to momentum. The tractor and
trailer end up at a 90 degree angle to each other. The driver of a
jack-knifing rig has lost control of the vehicle, endangering anyone in its
path. In jack-knifing incidents, negligence can play a role. Brakes in
semis are prone to failure, especially when improperly maintained. Also,
when cargo is unbalanced, brakes can fail.


Typically, 18-wheelers roll over due to speeding, which is a
negligent offense that can have serious consequences. Other causes of
rollovers can include: improper maneuvering on a steep incline or decline,
taking a turn too quickly, or failing to notice debris and obstacles in the

There are numerous other possible causes of large trucking accidents.
Tire blowouts, underride accidents, and head-on collisions can also occur
and lead to serious injury.

Wrongful death:

When negligence and carelessness cause the death of a loved one, the sense of outrage, anger and helplessness is almost overwhelming. At The Law Offices of Noel Hibbard, California, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making sure the families of wrongful death victims receive the justice they deserve. We also have offices in Santa Rosa .

Working closely with families, we take immediate steps to collect evidence, reconstruct an accident, and consult with medical, engineering, or other experts who can establish the causative factors involved. We won’t rest until the facts are exposed and those responsible are called before the law to answer for what they’ve done.

Put our over 15 years of litigation experience in wrongful death cases to work for you — contact the attorneys at The Cartwright Law Firm Inc. today.

Negligence And Accidents That Result In Fatalities

Law Offices of Noel Hibbard represents survivors of family members killed in fatal accidents involving gross negligence, including:

Negligence And Accidents That Result In Fatalities

Law Offices of Noel Hibbard. represents survivors of family members killed in fatal accidents involving gross negligence, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Food poisoning

Nursing home abuse:

Vast majority of people are victims of elder abuse each year in the United States. Vulnerable seniors frequently lack the ability to communicate that they are being abused or remain silent out of fear. Seniors deserve to age with dignity and grace. Sadly, this is often not the case.

One of every five senior citizens will be a victim of elder abuse in their lifetimes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has classified six types of abuse:

  1. Physical abuse
  2. Sexual abuse
  3. Emotional abuse
  4. Neglect
  5. Abandonment
  6. Financial abuse

If you are aware of or suspect any of the abuse listed above, a thorough investigation must be conducted. Contact our team of elder abuse lawyers today for a free initial case evaluation.

Motorcycle accidents:

Most people view injuries and property damage following an accident as the fault of the driver who caused the accident. Therefore, when a single vehicle accident occurs, people often assume the accident was their own fault. However,Hibbard and Associates know that this is often untrue. With over 150 years of experience, we are experts in looking past the conduct of the driver to determine if a road feature or automotive defect contributed to the incident or worsened the injuries.

In addition to our investigation of the roadway, we evaluate each single vehicle incident for possible manufacturing defects, engineering defects, design defects and other auto component defects, which can cause car parts to fail. We use the proof of the defect and the extent of the injuries that have resulted to build a strong product liability case for fair and equitable compensation and have recovered for our clients in actions against all of the major vehicle manufacturers.

Product liability claims:

Defective products sometimes make big news. Unfortunately, this happens only after many people have already suffered serious or fatal injuries. What is more unfortunate is that these products are often not taken off the market even after injuries and deaths are reported, subjecting countless additional people to their hazards.

When Defective Products Cause Injury

Defective product claims may include design flaws, manufacturing defects, poor instructions or inadequate warnings, warranty claims, and failure to make necessary modifications. In some cases, there may be multiple liable parties. We will investigate your claim and hold all negligent parties accountable.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product or medical device, you are often facing intimidating opposition from a large corporation. With our lawyers on your side, however, you have a powerful advocate. We have the skill, experience and reputation to fight these companies on your behalf. Whether we are fighting an auto parts manufacturer or a pharmaceutical company, we have the resources and staff to build compelling cases that we are prepared to take to trial when that is in your best interests.

Who Has to Pay For My Injury?

In a personal injury claim, the financial responsibility rests on the person or company whose negligence led to your injury. Accidents happen as a result of ignoring or not knowing certain safety standards, errors in manufacturing, neglect, and laziness on the part of service providers, and a number of other circumstances.

We help you identify the party responsible for your injury so that you can pursue appropriate action against them. Most likely, you face medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost work as a result of the accident. This compensation is intended to cover those costs.

You Have Right to Pursue a Claim, Even if You are Partially at Fault

Even if you had a part to play in the accident (for example, looking at your phone while walking across a slippery floor) you still can pursue compensation. Those responsible for your accident will attempt to prove that you had a part to play in it. Our job is to make sure that you are fairly represented.

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