Questions Frequently Asked by Injured San Jose Workers

Need Workers’ Comp? We’ve Got You Covered.

Workers compensation is available to employees who suffered injuries while working.

How do I know if I qualify for workers' compensation?

In California, any employee who suffers a work-related injury is eligible for workers’ compensation. The application process can be complicated though, and insurance companies often give weak claims the runaround. For this reason, our team combs through your claim to produce a thorough and detailed depiction of the events that led to your injury. This helps you receive the maximum possible benefit.

Can I get compensation for a driving accident that occurred while running errands for my job?

Usually, these accidents would fall under the category of a work-related incident. If you were traveling for your job, if you were driving to lunch on your break from work, or if you were picking up something for work, you may be able to apply for workers’ compensation.

How much time do I have to file for compensation?

As with all claims, workers’ compensation benefits are subject to a statute of limitations, meaning a time limit within which you must apply for benefits. The longer you wait to tell your employer about your injury, the more likely your claim will be denied. In California, file within the first 30 days of your injury.

Can I receive treatment for my injury before the claim is approved?

Yes, you can. Ask your employer where you should go for treatment if you have not already pre-designated a doctor on your company medical plan. When you are receiving care, let your doctor know that your injury occurred as the result of an incident at work. This lets the doctor know that he or she will be required to fill out additional paperwork for you.

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